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Ms. Carde-Kish has served as an Executive Director with FTM from 1998-2000 and again from 2001 to the present. She works in the East Orange office and directs the two Irvington business improvement districts, Irvington Springfield Avenue (ISABID) and Camptown (CBID) as well as the Irvington Chamber of Commerce. Luz is fluent in English and Spanish and has a legal secretarial certificate.
"The opportunity to work with volunteers who believe in the betterment of their community and give so much is rewarding to me," Ms. Carde-Kish says. "I take pride in the work I do and enjoy the chance to satisfy clients by making their dreams come true."
Yenin staffs FTM's Plainfield office serving the Plainfield SID. She is bi-lingual. Yenin was hired in 2010 as Field Coordinator for FTM.
Shavonne was hired in May, 2016, to serve as Administrator for the Central Avenue BID and Orange Chamber of Commerce in the East Orange office. Shavonne, an East Orange resident, earned an Associate Degree in social science at Essex County College and is also employed part-time by the City of East Orange Senior Services division.
FTM has served the McGinley Square Partnership in the Saint Peter's University area of Jersey City, NJ, since its inception in 1997. Its office is staffed by Christina who has been with FTM since 1995, first as an Administrative Assistant, and for the past 14 years as the longest-tenured Executive Director of the four Jersey City SIDs.
"I love dealing with the public. Every day is different and brings new challenges to deal with," says Chris. "McGinley Square is a diamond in the rough and it takes time to carefully chip away the rough spots to create a perfect gem for all to admire."