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FTM President
"Changing a place like this is a little like winning in baseball," said Jack Cerulo, Perth Amboy BID Chairman. "You don't win the game just with home runs. You do it with some singles and doubles, too. Dave understands that."
The SID Guru, Jersey City Reporter, Feb. 8, 1998

Founder and President of
FirsTEAManagement, 1980-present

Founder and President of
Downtown Mississippi, Inc., 1999-present

Honored as the 2008 "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce at its Business Leaders of the Year Dinner on September 18, 2008, at Seabra's Armory, Perth Amboy. 172 people attended the event.
2008 Entrepreneur of the Year

2019 GCIACS "Italian-American Who Made Good" Award
Presented by the Gulf Coast Italian- American Cultural Society (GCIACS) with its 2019 "Italian-American Who Made Good" Award at its annual Columbus Day Dinner at the Silver Slipper Casino, October 14, 2019.

With Moe Sasson @ OCC Dinner, April, 2004
With 39 years of hands-on organization management experience in downtowns and with chambers of commerce, David is New Jersey's most experienced downtown manager.Indeed, FTM has been involved in establishing and/or managing 10 business improvement districts and 10 chambers of commerce in New Jersey during that span.
As FTM's President, David is responsible for the overall performance of the firm and handles all journalism assignments & special client services

Plainfield Sale Days: Which one is the real clown?
In 2006, upon approval by the Internal Revenue Service, David formed the first 501c3 organization in the country, the Community and Commerce Enhancement Foundation (CCEF), to support FTM's 501c6 business organizations which otherwise would not qualify for tax-deductible grants and donations. (see link for "Foundation News")

Teaching at Gulfport, MS school (2004)
Seminar Instructor,
"Elements of an Effective Partnership Between Municipal Government and the Local Business Organizations"
presented by AM/PM Training Seminars throughout New Jersey, 2006

Executive Director, 1985-86 - East Orange Economic Development Corporation

Paralegal, 1980-81 -
Edward Gary Reisdorf, P.A., Springfield, NJ

Public Relations Director, 1979-80 - New York Stars Women's Professional Basketball Team

1978 Honors Bachelor of Arts - Journalism
Marquette University,
Milwaukee, WI
Summa Cum Laude -
Class Rank: 1

Teaching Certificate, 2002
States of Mississippi, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
Certification: High School Business

Certified as a
"New Jersey Main Street Manager"
by the State of New Jersey Downtown Revitalization Management Institute,
October 2008

With American journalists in Bordeaux, France-1988
Opinion Columnist (monthly-click to read columns below),
Herald-Standard daily newspaper,
Uniontown, PA, (2016-2017)

Contributing Editor:
Business Travel Management, 1986-1991
Corporate & Incentive Travel, 1986-1991
Hotel & Industry Resort, 1986-1991
(national hospitality trade magazines)

One of six American travel industry
journalists to tour southern France's
golf/tourism industry, 1988

Feature articles published in
Milwaukee Journal (1975) and
Philadelphia Inquirer (1991)
Ephrata, PA Review (series on Hurricane Katrina-Sept/Oct 2005)

Publisher of:
-Irvington, Indeed! magazine (1999-present)
-Positively Plainfield! magazine (2005-2017)
-The Heartbeat (Jersey City) magazine (1999-2014)/Online McGinley Shopper (2016-2017)
-Shopping Central (East Orange) magazine (2008-2014)
-Simply Scotch Plains magazine (2010-2012)

with General
Norman Schwarzkopf

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Kappa Tau Alpha - National Journalism Honor Society
Alpha Sigma Nu - National Jesuit Honor Society
Broadcast Music, Inc. - Songwriter/Composer Member
Knights of Columbus Council #9673 (Biloxi, MS): 3rd Degree Knight
Gulf Coast (MS) Italian American Cultural Society - President:
June 2013 - April 2017
Mississippi Society of Italian Americans (MS SOFIA) Foundation - President:
April 2017 - present