the Nashville blues version of
David Biagini's original song,


as performed by The Paramount Group,
Nashville, Tennessee

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1) Y’all hear the news?
I tried to refuse:
it crept up with no shoes-
I got the Mississippi blues.

2) I'm a Jersey Yankee,
living in Biloxi.
Thought I paid my dues,
still got the Mississippi blues.

3) Rebel flag flies free
They won't let that war be.
Don't tell me another story
about General Robert E. Lee!

4) Well, I just don't fit in:
Got all my teeth in my grin;
On a dirt road I'm stuck
I wish I had me a pick-up truck!

5) I cause quite a stir:
won’t say “Ma’am” or “Sir”.
And my in-laws say, “Son,
when are you fixin' to get you a gun?”

6) They think dinner is nice,
it's just red beans and rice!
I must admit, I won't eat a grit
so go pitch you a hissy fit!
7) One inch of snow,
and the whole state would close.
In the middle of June,
feels like a hundred and twenty-two.

8) Can't pay my own way
make fifty bucks a day.
We got Mardi Gras,
but all the women wear their bras!

9) What gives me a fright
is a big ole' snake bite!
The love bugs and the mud bugs and the 'gators...too many trailers!

10) Someone find me a switch;
gotta whip this sombitch!
Gonna fire my Muse -
taking too much abuse
from the Mississippi blues.

11) No way did I choose,
gotta get me some booze.
It must be a curse,
'cause nothing is worse
than the Mississippi blues.

Mississippi is rebuilding...
thank you, America!
(c) copyright 2005 by
David Biagini
Original Music, lyrics and instrumentation by
David Biagini
Production by
Star Time Music, Gulfport, MS
at the Flat Branch Creek, Gulfport, MS

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