(taken one month AFTER August 29, 2005 storm in Biloxi, MS)

Roof, driveway, but no house
Eagle Point was a fashionable neighborhood on the Biloxi Bay but was demolished by 30-foot tidal waves.Two-story houses were reduced to roof and foundation; houses were knocked off their eight-foot pilings.
An upscale neighborhood reduced to rubble

Pilings still stand but no house
Eagle Point was one of the hardest hit areas of the storm,regardless of houses of brick and houses on stilts.
All of the MS Gulf Coast - home of the casinos and seafood industry - suffered a similar fate up to about three miles inland. Two towns - Bay St. Louis and Waveland - disappeared completely.

Truck still submerged a month later

Sign says, "Eagle Point's Yard of the Month"
The floods gutted Eagle Point homes in Biloxi.
By contrast, the church to the right and the photos below in northern Gulfport, about five miles inland, suffered wind and rain damage mainly to the rooves, siding, and trees.

Church's center glass atrium vanished (Gulfport)
(taken within days after the August 29, 2005 storm in northern Gulfport, MS)

My Mother-in-Law's partially topless house

I ponder how my chainsaw can cut down this tree

Our majestic oak tree was yanked from the ground

New townhouses without siding and rooves

National Guardsman directs traffic

The former Optical Warehouse

Transformer in road = curfew at night

Dave the amateur roofer

New game: What did this used to advertise?

I examine this split pecan tree on our land